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Message from the President

Suzuka University of Medical Science was established in 1991 as the first four-year university of medical science. It has since accumulated traditions and achievements in medical fields. SUMS which started with just 4 departments has developed into a major medical science university with 11 courses in 9 departments of 4 faculties. The faculty of Nursing was founded in 2014 and is performing its role admirably

Japan is currently an aging society. The education of medical and welfare specialists and the promotion of life innovation are strongly required by the community at large. To meet this social need, we advocate, “Making progress in science and technology to help improve the health and welfare of human beings” as stated by our Spirit of Foundation and hold up the Educational Ideal of “Nurturing medical and welfare specialists with knowledge and humanity.” We cultivate truly competent medical and welfare specialists for the society. To be more concrete, our Educational Objectives are these five items:

・ To learn high-level medical knowledge and technology
・ To acquire a broad liberal education
・ To nurture sympathetic consideration for others
・ To have high ethical standards
・ To contribute to a medical team

We are making continuous reforms and improvements in order to accomplish the Spirit of Foundation, Educational Ideal and Educational Objectives. To contribute to society as a “medical or welfare specialist” it is necessary to attain more knowledge and technology than is currently imagined. However, this is not enough. Medical and welfare specialists are also required to have the ability to cooperate with specialists of other fields as a team in order to offer the best care for patients.

Each freshman belongs to a class consisting of students from distinct departments, which is called Iryojin Sokojikara Education (ISE), to learn the indispensable knowledge, technology and attitude common to each medical and welfare specialist. The purpose of this freshman program at the Shiroko campus is to learn to apply an interdisciplinary medical team approach. The curriculum in ISE, is a student-centered learning course of small groups, in which students actively acquire common essential skills and information necessary for all medical specialists. These skills include caregiving, emergency care, communication, and interpersonal skills such as honorifics and manners, dealing with drug addiction and smoking, mental health as well as debating, team activities, volunteering and others. Along with this drastic reform, all of our university staff care for enrolled students so they can spend their university life without anxiety. We have improved our counseling services so we can deal sincerely with students’ various worries and support students who feel anxious about their basic scholastic knowledge. High school students---shall we not study together at this university? To parents and members of the community, we welcome your visit to our university, where you can see our contributions to the community such as the robot suit HAL by Cvberdyne Inc. and other life innovations.