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Department of Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy Course

We educate occupational therapists who can contribute in a variety of fields with broad knowledge in the modern super aged society.

Department of Physiotherapy

The importance of rehabilitation is increasing in accordance with the increasing number of people with disabilities. Medical development has led to a rising lifesaving rate in this super aged society today. Occupational therapy is treatment, instruction and support applying “occupation” in various fields including medical service, health, welfare, education and carrier to improve human health and welfare.
“Occupation” are activities involved in clients’ purposeful and valuable general lives. Students can acquire indispensable knowledge and skills to gain requirements to have the national examination. We prepare a curriculum not only for the required compulsory subjects for the national examination but also inevitable subjects for medical specialists. Moreover, students can learn specific courses relevant to occupational therapy including “Hand Therapy,” “Sensory Integration Therapy,” “Occupational Therapy in Acute Phase,” “Home Visit Occupational Therapy,” etc. to ensure occupational therapists obtain broad knowledge.

The licenses acquired by the students

It is possible to aquire the following lisences in Department of Rehabilitation

  • Occupational Therapist
Faculty Member

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Faculty Member


We have curriculum with three cores (basic fields, specialized basic fields, and specialized fields) and in the major area, we prepare seven studies (Basic Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapy Assessment, Occupational Therapy Treatment, Occupational Therapy Management, Clinical Practice, Community-Based Occupational Therapy and Graduation Research).
Students learn assessment and therapy of disabled clients to apply occupation for therapeutic purpose in the specialized fields. Students also practice the knowledge and skills they have learned at college in clinical practice at hospitals or other facilities. Moreover, they study ethics and clinical management as medical specialists. In conclusion, they understand occupational therapy deeply and research through Graduation Research. Students get ready for the national examination by studying with trial examinations.

Curriculum Flow
Year 1
Understanding of basic studies required for occupational therapy
Students learn basics of occupational therapy through the learning of liberal arts subjects, basic medicine, and clinical medicine.
Learning the basics of physiotherapy
Year 2
Attaining knowledge and skills required for occupational therapy
Students have lectures in kinematics, daily life support method and assessment method.
Acquiring knowledge and theory indispensable for physiotherapy
Year 3
Acquiring of an assessment method and therapy method concerning occupational therapy
Students study assessment practice and therapeutic skills for differentiated disorders.
Deepening specialized knowledge and experiencing clinical situations
Year 4
Acquisition of clinical competence through Clinical Education.
Students mature their competences through the process of occupational therapy at clinical site.
Developing applicable ability in integrated practical training