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Message from the Chairperson and CEO

Suzuka University of Medical Science (SUMS) is evolving from the first
Japanese 4-year medical college to a medical and welfare university.

Suzuka University of Medical Science is the first university of medical science in Japan. Prior to its founding in 1991, there were no 4 year universities specializing in the training of medical specialists other than doctors pharmacists and nurses in our nation. Under those conditions, there was an urgent need to include education for medical specialists to follow the advances in medicine. This would require a four year university degree and so our university was founded in Suzuka. Suzuka University of Medical Science started as a small college with 4 departments in 2 faculties and has grown into a large university with 11 departments (15 courses) in 4 courses focusing on medical and welfare fields.

In 2014 a unique basic medical education called Iryojin Sokojikara Education was begun to develop the potential power of prospective medical specialists. In this program, each seminar group of this education consists of students from various departments who assemble to study together at our Shiroko campus. This project offers opportunities to share basic knowledge with students of different medical interests. Moreover, interaction with students of other courses during the freshman year surely contributes to improving personal relations relevant to working with a team. This will be a great help for medical specialists performing in a medical setting in the future

SUMS nurtures and cultivates medical and welfare specialists with knowledge and humanity based on the Spirit of Foundation of the university: “To make the most of technological development and contribute meaningfully to the promotion of human welfare and health.” SUMS is the pioneer in Japan for learners who aim to be the best medical specialists. We hope to provide more and more graduates who will become leaders in the medical and welfare fields.

Junichi Takagi