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Department of Medical Welfare Clinical Psychology Course

We educate mental health specialists (Certified Public Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist) who work broadly in medical, welfare, educational, and industrial fields.

Department of Medical Welfare Clinical Psychology Course

An increasing number of people have physical or mental problems such as school nonattendance, abuse, withdrawal, suicide, cancer and intractable diseases in our stressful society today. These circumstances brought about the national qualification titled “Licensed Psychologist” in 2018. Licensed Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist need not only the knowledge and skills concerning mentality but also medical knowledge and competence to liaison with many other specialists. Our educational purpose is satisfying the need for mental health specialists with practical competence, preparing substantial lectures and practical training concerning medicine and interdisciplinary team-based care.

In such circumstances really helpful mental specialists are essential in medicine, nursing, education, industry and other fields. We educate a mental specialist with true humanity who can contribute various type of interpersonal support through the integration of theory with practice. We also nurture global knowledge and the ability of learning outside of the campus. These places include clinical psychological practice, fieldwork and volunteer activity.

Humanity with sympathy and consideration for others is also necessary for mental care. We hope our course offers a warm educational approach where both students and teachers study together to help in healthy human development through the study of clinical psychology.

The licenses acquired by the students

It is possible to aquire the following lisences in Department of Medical Welfare Clinical Psychology Course

  • Certified Psychologist
  • Educational Counselor
  • Industrial Counselor
  • Psychiatric Social Worker
Faculty Member

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Students learn psychology and clinical psychology from the basics in order to apply to subjects using the mind and the body in a specialized way. The characteristic of our education is emphasizing both theory and practice.

Moreover the characteristic of our department, including this course, emphasizes the importance that students understand both the medical and welfare fields in an integrated approach and that they learn interdisciplinary medical team practices where importance is placed on cooperation with other specialists. Through these studies we learn by focusing on humanistic development by means of sympathetic feelings and self-understanding.

Curriculum Flow
Year 1
Learning about an interdisciplinary medical team and basic psychology
Students acquire basic knowledge concerning medical and welfare services and learn basics of psychology.
Learning the basics
Year 2
Learning basic subjects concerning clinical psychology
Students learn theories which construct bases of clinical psychology and basic counseling.
Acquiring practical ability
Year 3
Learning major subjects within clinical psychology
Students learn such psychological major subjects as psychological tests, psychotherapy, psychological practice etc. through actual experience.
Acquiring practical ability
Year 4
Learning practice of clinical psychology
Students learn basis of psychological practice by means of learning practices in medical, welfare sites and educational practice and completing the learning of 4 years into graduation thesis.
Connecting their learning to practice